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Personalized Wedding Ceremonies Planned With Each Couple







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Sacred Occasions That Express the Spirituality of the Bride and Groom




Jim, an ordained minister and Board Certified Chaplain, has 25 years of experience officiating at sacred occasions.


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Using his unique and exclusive Ceremony Wedding Planner, Jim offers total flexibility in helping couples personalize their special day. Building on the values of each couples honored past, looking toward a promising future, and drawing on present meaning and wishes, he provides a well-planned moment of joy.







The Service can be a traditional or contemporary wedding ceremony with a variety of ceremonial attire. The Reverend Jim Crews is available to be your Celtic, Celtic Irish, or Native American wedding ceremony minister.  Please call with your wedding ideas to see if the wedding minister can meet your needs.




Native American Wedding
Native American Wedding Ceremony Minister

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If you are not a member of a church and prefer a minister to perform your wedding ceremony over a Justice of the Peace, Jim Crews is the best choice.   He can help you develop your wedding plans.


The Wedding Minister
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Serving Metro Atlanta and North Georgia

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